Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Impromptu block party

It was one of those great evenings where you feel like you have been transported back a few decades to where this was more of a common occurance. These days we don't often meet our neighbors or get along with them, etc. But the other night was different.

I was sitting outside with 2 of my neighbors while our kids rode their bikes. It all started when another neighbor went out to her front yard and turned on her sprinkler to water the grass. Her 2 daughters ran out behind her in their bathing suits and started running in the sprinkler. Bethany saw this, and ran over and plopped on the grass and yanked off her socks and shoes and ran to join them in her jeans and top. I eventually let her take off the jeans and run in her top and underpants. Luckily we know this neighbor and she had no problem with this. The other kids saw Bethany join in and they too started yanking off their socks and shoes.

So we grabbed our chairs and moved to the driveway. One of my friends has the lawn connected to the other neighbor so she turned on her sprinkler too, so it was 2 spinklers in one long yard. Then other kids on the street started showing up. So their parents followed. Then somebody made a joke about BBQ, and next thing you know we had a few BBQ's pulled out and all of us checking our kitchens for hot dogs an whatever else was handy. Then the MP's pulled up to see what was going on and they stayed for a few to visit. They couldn't stay long because they wereon duty. The kids ran in the sprinklers until dark, and the parents sat in lawn chairs in the driveway. It was awesome! Here are a few pics I took as things were just getting going.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An original Bethany story

Tonight Bethany wanted me to read her a story but I am too beat up from my class tonight to get up and get a book, so I suggested we make up our own story. I got her started with, "Once upon a time there was a princess named...." She chose to name the princess "Shiloh" after a boy in her class. And here is the story...
Me: ok Princess Shiloh like to....
Bethany: Eat princesses!
Me:oook. So one day she went to a castle but instead of a princess she found a...
Bethany: shell! But it was too loud and crunchy!
Me: So she went to another castle...
Bethany: What about Bethany! There is a princess Bethany!
Me: ok she found Princess Bethany at the next castle, but he didn't eat Bethany because Bethany said she wanted to be her friend.
Bethany:But Princess Shiloh said no! And went home.
ME: One day Princess Shiloh was walking and he saw Princess Bethany
Bethany:And Princess Bethany called her stupid and so Princess Shiloh got in a helicopter and flew to the desert and there were cactus's. Like in Texas. And there was a cowgirl and her horse ran away.
ME: Hmmm, do you think Princess Shiloh can give her a ride in the helicopter?
Bethany: Yes, and they flew back to Princess Bethany's house, and Princess Shiloh told Princess Bethany and the cowgirl to be friends and leave her alone!
Me: So did she go home then?
Bethany: No. She ate princess mommy's biiiiig nose and gave her back a small one. Then she went home. The end!

Friday, August 21, 2009

College girl

I have been working on getting squared away for school for a little while now, and I am thrilled to say that after spending the last 2 days in the student services center, I finally finished up the process! I have classes locked in and paid for by financial aid. I just need to go get books. Now my schedule is a bit weird, but here is the deal. I am wanting to get into an RN program after we move next year. But I need a degree plan for now. So I chose biology as my major because many of the pre requisites for the RN programs involve a lot of science. Most of the classes were already full so there were no openings in math, english, science or history. So I am taking 2 psychology classes. General, and Life span and growth study. I go on campus 2 days a week for that. I am also taking 2 online classes. Music appreciation which is my humanities requirement, and pharmacology. Pharmacology is part of the RN program but is also one of the few RN program classes I can take before I am in. The counselor tells me pharmacology is a hard class, but she thinks I can handle it because I got such high reading and english scores on my placement test. I will have to take it at some point and I did not have many options, so I said, "Fine. Let's do it!" I am really excited because this is the beginning! I am getting started to better my life. I am doing something for myself! It feels good!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lap Dance

Yes, we look pretty silly

The other night my 4 sisters, one of my sister Heather's friend's, and I drove to downtown San Diego and took a private lesson on how to lap dance! It was awesome! It sounds slutty, but it really wasn't. No men allowed in the studio and everyone was fully dressed. It was quite a workout! We are all still sore. But it was so much fun! And the stuff we learned is totally something you can go home and do for your husband. Trust me, the routine she taught us will not meet any complaints from any hubby's. lol. Well, my husband is deployed, but that just gives me more time to practice and get in shape. Actually thinking about continuing lessons back in TX. A lot of women take the classes as a workout. There was one lady leaving as we showed up, and I chatted with her for a few minutes and she told me when she started the classes she was bigger than me. This lady had an awesome body. But anyway, it was a really fun way to break up the normal every day routine. And it was great to be with my sisters and just laugh with each other.

Monday, August 3, 2009


We are currently visiting my family and friends in CA. My parents have a cat named Estella, but my girls have gotten it all wrong despite being corrected several times. They insist on calling her "Vanilla". Both Bethany and Shea immediately fell in love with her and Estella/Vanilla seems to love them right back. She lets my girls harrass her while she eats, and pull on her tails and get in her face. She is very concerned when either one of them is crying or upset too. I wish we could take her home with us. Maybe I should have gotten the girls a cat a while back. Here are some pictures of them. In the first picture, yes Shea was taste testing her food for her.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Pair of Running Shoes!

I am so excited! Today I bought my first pair of running shoes! Bethany and I went to Dick's Sporting goods. Although I know squat about running shoes at this point, I figured I could trust the guy in the store to know what he was doing, since as soon as I walked up he told me that I walk on the outside of my feet. I guess people who know this stuff notice how people walk. I am still in the walking portion of my couch to 5k program, but I am about to pick up the pace. More to come...

Monday, July 13, 2009

The value of a friend

Today one of my best friends moved away. Her son was also Bethany's first real best friend. I am so sad. How often do you find a friend who understands you, and leans on you but not too much, and helps you out when you need help? A friend who is right on your level.

I have had 2 such friends. My best childhood friend Stacey who I am still close friends with, and now Violet. These two people have been there for me, and I never felt judged by them.

As for Bethany and TJ, in a neighborhood and age where other kids already tease each other, and take notice of their weaknesses, they are still innocent compared to many other kids their age who are already acting like teenagers. Sure, they fought like an old married couple over the stupidest things. One of my favorites, was the repeated arguments over which one of them was 4. Because they can't BOTH be 4, you know. Despite the fighting, if they are apart more than a day, they ask for each other. TJ is one of the first people Bethany wants to show a new toy, or sticker, or picture she made.

A lot of friends have come and gone in the last 7 years that I have been part of a military family, but this one is the hardest yet. I was so sad to see Bethany and TJ give each other one last hug and kiss good bye and to try and explain to Bethany that he is not coming back and will not live at his house anymore, but we can send him pictures and talk on the phone.

I will miss sitting with Violet after the kids go to bed, and just talking. I suddenly feel very lonely with Aaron gone, and now my friend and her family. I know we will make other friends. And with Aaron getting out of the Army in another year, maybe we will even make some friends we can keep! It is one perk to switching over to the civilian life.

Violet, when you read this, I hope that you get your college done, and go on to accomplish everything you are hoping for. And I hope you will be happy. You know how to find me anytime you want to talk.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Safety Fair

Today was the safety fair on west fort Hood. They had the fire department there, and the police, and people doing carseat inspections and even a boat with people showing the kids how to put on life vests. There was also snow cones, free food, a jumping house, and more! The kids had lots of fun. Shea loved the snow cones and finished off not only her own but Bethany's and our neighbor Jennica's too.

I think the coolest part though was that the fire department had a huge trailer set up like a little two story house with a kitchen and everything. They had kids go in and they talked about kitchen safety. During the kitchen safety speech Bethany told the firemen that I had told her there would be snow cones here, and she wanted one. Then when they took the kids upstairs and turned on the smoke machines Bethany told everyone it smelled good like when her mommy makes dinner. Hmmmm. I do tend to make things well done, but I didn't think I was that bad. Then she got to climb out the window onto a balcony and a fireman helped her climb down the ladder.

We had a great time. I am only sorry that we got worn out before they showed the video of our soldiers in Iraq. Our company made their first video of this deployment to show us, but after 3 hours, the kids were done. I am sure there will be another chance to see it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meanest Mom/ Western Union giveaway!

If you all have never read the blog: themeanestmom.blogspot.com Then you need to go read right now! She has one of the most hilarious blogs I have ever read, and right now she is doing a giveaway with Western Union. You can enter to win 100 dollars for your husband for Father's day! go check it out!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mr. Butterfly

Bethany found a dead moth today and has made him her pet. She has been petting him and feeding him and has named him Mr. Butterfly. I tried to suggest Mr. Butterfly should live outside because he likes the fresh air, but Bethany didn't agree, and my suggestion was met with hysterics. She is now firmly attached to her pet, and is not letting him out of her sight. Maybe I should have taken her more seriously this past week when she kept asking to go to the pet store to get a big green cat. She is obviously wanting a pet pretty badly. Here are some pictures of Bethany with her friend Jenna and Mr. Butterfly.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We make a great first impression!

So recently I had the great idea to join a playgroup. I figure it will keep the kids busy a lot and have fun things to do, and I can meet some more people since my favorite people are PCS'ing to Fort Carson this summer. (I know you are reading this Violet) So I found some playgroups and chose one to apply to. The manager of the group told me that they like to do a trial play date before approving members to make sure they don't get any weirdo's who don't actually have kids or anyone crazy. So we agreed to attend the play date to the Belton fire station for a tour this evening.

While we were waiting outside for everyone to show up, my two darling daughters were running off in opposite directions. Do I chase the 4 year old who is running off to pet that snarling dog on a chain or do I chase the 2 year old headed for the road? After I get my kids back to the front of the building I notice that all of the other kids are standing quietly next to their parents. No kidding there were 3 year olds standing there talking calmly to each other. So bizarre.

Finally the tour starts and Shea starts having temper tantrums about 3 minutes into the tour. I was carrying her as she made her body stiff as a board and screamed, while Bethany tried to argue with me because I refused to buy her candy out of the candy machine in the hallway. This went on for about 15 minutes as we followed the tour. It even continued once we got to the garage where the big trucks are kept. Finally when the fireman was modeling the oxygen masks for the kids and explaining fire safety, Shea just laid down next to him and flopped around like a fish out of water and screeched non stop. Bethany didn't do too badly except for the fact that she was all over the place. At least she wasn't screaming and came when I called her. I hated to make Bethany leave, but Shea was just going crazy and the other kids couldn't hear the fireman talking.

I was quite surprised when I came home to an e-mail expressing sympathy from the other parents and welcoming me into the playgroup! I think I will need to pick which play dates we attend very carefully. No tours. It would be nice if there was a sound proof park nearby that was surrounded by an 8 foot prison fence with electric wiring. Then I could just sit down and chat with the other moms while the kids play.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily Log

Just popping in to report on today. I will try to update daily, but I am not looking to turn my blog completely into a diet journal, so there will be all the other stuff too.

I tried to do well and I did ok, but not perfect. I only got on the elliptical twice today which is not a lot when you consider that I don't last very long. Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: 1 serving of steel cut oats with a little pat of butter
Lunch: 1/2 cup of beans (I was in a hurry. Lots of fiber though!)
Snack: 1 Luna Bar ( I love these!)
Dinner: Salmon and broccoli cheese rice (I was going to have peas but then I saw the package of rice and I caved. Bad Amanda!)

I need to go to the store tomorrow. I am going to buy lots of fruit! I always do for the kids, but I am looking forward to some apples!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Time to lay it all out there.

I am getting serious about losing weight now. I started off slow, trying to get used to Aaron being deployed and make my small changes. I am still taking baby steps, but will also be stepping it up just a little bit. I have decided to be fully honest because I think it will keep me from slipping up so much if I know I have to share any failures. So for that reason I am about to share my starting weight and measurements. It is pretty scary to share measurements, but how can I be excited and share if I lost half an inch if I don't share my starting measurements? I will also be posting a picture of me. Believe it or not, sharing a picture of myself right now is even scarier than sharing the measurements! I have been avoiding the camera for a long time now. So here I go!

I am 30 years old and 5'3.
Weight: 171.8 lbs
Chest: 40.5
waist: 41 inches
hips: 41 inches
thighs: 24.5 inches
arms: 12.5 inches

Scary isn't it! Of course Bethany had a comment while watching me take measurements. "You measuring your boobies, mommy?" So then she wanted her boobies measured. So she wrapped the tape around her to see her number. I told her she is just right!

Ok, now for a before picture...(Bethany took the picture for me, and of course had to have her picture taken too)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today when Bethany and I went to pick up Shea from school, I was buckling them into the carseats, and Bethany was being so sweet. She was handing Shea toys, and giving her kisses. Then as I drove home I saw in the rear view mirror that Bethany was holding Shea's hand. Then I heard her telling Shea, "Shea you are a great friend. You are my best friend." I thought it was so sweet! Especially considering that just yesterday she was ready to beat Shea senseless over a broken blue crayon. Thank goodness for the sweet moments.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


For some reason Bethany has been very pre occupied about "boobies" lately. She is always poking mine with her finger or telling me that she see's my boobies. Earlier as I was undressing the kids to give them a bath, Bethany was examining her own chest and asked me, "Where are MY boobies?" I told her that she will get boobies when she gets older. "But I want them noooooooowwww!" Ummmm, I don't know what to tell you, you are just going to have to be patient.

About 45 minutes later after the girls had their bath and were dressed in jammies, Bethany walks down the hall with 2 plastic toy blocks under her shirt. She walks up and tells me... "TJ is going to love this!" Oh geez! (TJ is her 4 year old boy friend who lives across the street). What do you say to a 4 year old who is eager to show off her fake boobs to the boy across the street? LOL! I decided to ignore that comment in hopes that she will soon forget about all of this boobie business.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Days like yesterday

On days like yesterday when both the kids and I were sick and it was chaotic and I just wanted to talk to Aaron, but we got disconnected, I can relate to this cartoon. Wouldn't it be nice if spouses got medals too. lol.

Home sick

We are all sick. Yesterday was worse. today it seems that we are on the mend. Still not feeling at 100%, but getting there. Bethany seems to be feeling better too. She has been insisting that we bake a chocolate cake for her friend TJ who has been sick with an Upper respiratory infection. Unfortunately if is 3 days before payday and the I don't think you can make a chocolate cake out of old Velveeta, frozen chicken, condiments, rice, and cereal. Not to mention I am really not up for baking today.

Mom's aren't allowed to be sick. Yesterday as I was miserable and dry heaving, I was also comforting kids, giving baths, and washing everything that they vomited all over. Today Bethany is home from school so we don't share the illness with all of her schoolmates. We are also under heat advisory, so we will be staying inside and eating pedialyte popsicles.

Yesterday I was thrilled to get a call from Aaron. It has been about a week since his last call, and I especially wanted to hear his voice yesterday. Unfortunately we were disconnected after only one and a half minutes. I am hoping he calls back today. Before too much longer he will get set up and the internet and phone calls will be a little better than they are now.

My weight loss plans are coming along. Being so sick yesterday probably helped me lose a pound or two. not the way I usually like to lose weight, but it's one little perk. Well things are pretty dull at the moment. I will stop my babbling now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Every day!

Everyday. I will be posting everyday once Aaron deploys. That's what I said, isn't it? Yet you may notice it has been a few days since my last blog. That, my friends is because I am lazy. That said, I am really trying to do better. So lets just say that I will post every day that I possibly can.

As for today, my kids were nuts! I want to know who was slipping them chocolate bars and energy drinks! Shea was running around screaming and Bethany was just in constant movement. Finally about 15 minutes before bedtime I was just so exhausted, so I grabbed jammies and decided to call it a day. However the kids did not share my feeling, and they still don't. Here we are an hour and a half after their regular bedtime and Shea is singing to herself, and Bethany just came out for about the 17th time. This time it was to inform me that there is a fly in her room.

It is just another crazy week here, but there are two things that have me excited. One is that tomorrow is trash day! No I have not lost my mind. A friend of mine counts the trash days until her husband comes home from a deployment because lets face it. 52 sounds a whole lot better than 365. I stole this method from her because I like it. So tomorrow I can say one less trash day until Aaron comes home. Speaking of Aaron he has called twice now, and it was great to talk to him. He is doing well and even ran into our next door neighbor in the showers! lol. My neighbor's wife had not heard form her husband yet, so she was happy to hear something about him. Sometimes it is just comforting to know that "hey, he was in the showers earlier!" instead of sitting and wondering what they are doing and if and when they will call.

The second reason I am excited is because my Grandma and her husband Greg just moved to Texas and they are just about an hour drive away! They bought a house years ago and were renting it out, but about 6 months ago they felt it was time to leave California, and they started making plans to move. Right now they are getting settled in, but hopefully we will get to see them this weekend! I am thrilled to have family nearby. Especially my Grandma. My Grandma is wonderful, and so is Greg. I love them both. Being a military family you move around a lot and sometimes I really miss having family around.

That's all for today. Maybe I will post again tomorrow!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow I begin

Tomorrow is May 1st. That is the day I set for myself to get started on my goals during Aaron's deployment. For the month of May I will be drinking 4 water bottles a day, and 100 sit ups daily. Not all at once! I am way too out of shape for that. But 100 sit ups through the course of the day. Those are my only goals toward weight loss and getting healthy and in shape. My whole plan is about baby steps. I want to make these a habit before I add more challenges. I am looking forward to getting started.

As for today, it was another crazy day of therapy for Bethany, and what feels like non stop diaper changes, sweeping and mopping the floor, and bathing the kids. There is an endless amount of dirt around here. With all of the rain we have been tracking mud in the house and the kids can't make it to or from the car without getting dirty. Bethany's latest thing is playing hopscotch, and every time we go outside she wants me to draw hopscotch squares with chalk. It keeps her busy, so I am happy with that.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another day

Today was an extremely busy day. We were on the go all day. I dropped the kids off at school, then I went to Tricare to have my PCM (doctor) changed because I can't stand my current assigned doctor and I don't feel comfortable going to him for health care. Then I went to the commissary and spent the last 20 bucks in our account on a few groceries that couldn't wait. Thank goodness tomorrow is payday!

Then I picked up Bethany and took her to Occupational Therapy. The therapist was working with her on her eating and it was really hard because she was screaming and crying because the therapist was insisting she use her utensils and have to try other foods besides the regular stuff she is willing to eat. The child can't continue to only eat rice, spaghetti with butter, and macaroni and cheese. So it is important to try and change her diet habits. But I had a hard time with it. I knew she was hungry and wanted to just let her eat, but I managed to keep back and let the therapist do her thing. Then we came home for a short bit, and I did some laundry. Then we got Shea from school, and came home, and made cookies because Bethany was really wanting to make cookies together. She dumped the whole bottle of vanilla in the bowl while my back was turned but the cookies came out fine despite it.

After that we went across the street to my neighbors house. They have 2 kids that Bethany likes to play with. While there, my neighbors started having an argument, but the kids were playing and I didn't want to make the kids stop playing, so I just watched the kids who were in the front yard. Then the husband got on his cell phone and was talking and wandered to the side of the house. The kids all followed so I picked up Shea and went over to tell Bethany to come back to the front yard where I can see her. But she was already around the corner to the back of the house, so I went to the back just in time to see the husband turning the corner onto another block deep into his conversation, and no kids around. I circled back to the front of the house but Bethany was not there, so I start to panic and go looking all over the neighborhood for her, and find the husband on the phone and the 2 9 year olds and the 5 year old telling Bethany they don't want her around and to go run to the freeway. The freeway runs right behind our housing and only has a chain link fence to separate. I was super upset because Bethany did not comprehend that they were being mean to her, and she takes everything literally. Despite my efforts and those of the school, she still does not comprehend dangerous situations, and she would go and run on the freeway thinking that they were playing a game. She knows how to climb the chain link fence too. So I was very upset. I later talked to their parents and they were mortified too and assured me they will talk to them about it and make sure they understand that they cannot say things like that because Bethany doesn't understand things the same way they do and she could have done what they said. I am always watching my kids, but today really showed me how fast things can get out of hand. It is so upsetting to me to feel like I can't protect her even by making her understand danger. She knows she is not to go in the street alone, but doesn't understand why not. And like many young kids I usually have to remind her repeatedly and get onto her when she does run to the road or start to cross without me. But I spoke to her at bedtime about remembering not to wander where I can't see her and to never go in the road. Hopefully it will stick if I keep reiterating it.

This evening I did manage to get some housework done. There is so much! I always thought I appreciated my husband, and I have done it alone before when he was deployed int he past, but not having his help shows me just how much he really does around here when home. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who is a team with me, and does so much at home. Even in the 2000's there are still a lot of husbands who don't do anything to help at home. So if you are reading this Aaron, I love you very much and I truly appreciate what a wonderful husband you are.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Countdown clock

I uploaded my countdown clock today. It sits on the top left corner of my computer screen at all times counting down the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until Aarons estimated return. Sure it seems a little extreme, and no I am not falling apart over this deployment. This is our third Iraq deployment plus a Korea tour in between this and th last one. I got it. I love and miss him, but I can handle it. So I haven't cracked up. I just really like countdowns. I use this countdown for other things besides the deployment too. I just like seeing the time go down on a continual basis because I can see that time is not standing still and we are getting closer every second. I like to see a lower amount everytime I log in to my computer.

In other news, Bethany and Shea are doing a little better. Bethany still keeps asking where Daddy is, but I think I found a way to make sense of it for her. She has also taken over Aaron's side of the bed. I have woken up the past two mornings to find her laying in bed with the remote control in hand watching tv, lol. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at a friend's house and the girls had so much fun playing and having their nails and toenails painted, and making finger paint pictures to send Aaron once we get his address. Then last night my friend popped over to play phase 10 with me and hang out a bit. That was a lot of fun!

Today is a Waco day. I can't tell you how much I look forward to the day we get the call that they have an opening for her speech and pt here in Killeen. We will save so much time and gas. I really dislike driving to Waco so often.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Off to a shaky start

I told myself that once Aaron deployed I would be diligent about my blog. I will just blog about everything. I am not really feeling it today, but decided to just do it. I am not really feeling like doing much of anything today. It is rainy and dark and gloomy outside. The kids are both at school, and the house feels emptier than usual even though Aaron would have been at work anyway if he was not overseas. Bethany is testing me hard. She has been defiant and sassy, and I realize that I need to get her back in check now and not let this continue. There is a fine line between giving her extra attention because she is dealing with the fact that her Daddy just deployed, and letting her get away with behaving badly. I think I am doing all right. Yesterday Bethany had me cracking up. She was helping me in the kitchen, standing on her stool in only her underpants. For some reason she can't keep clothes on. I do dress the child everyday. Anyway, Shea kept trying to get up on the stool too, and she was grabbing onto Bethany's underpants to pull herself up. Bethany got mad and told Shea, "Sheaaaa! These are MY big girl underpants! I am doing my job helping mommy. You need to get out of the kitchen!" Poor Shea. But it was so hard not to laugh. I think we may need to get another stool. Speaking of big girl underpants, Bethany went potty everytime again yesterday! I was so pleased. I hope we can keep this going. She is getting closer and closer. My hope is that she will be at least fully day trained by this summer, and I can start potty training Shea in the fall. I have not started what I have named "The Deployment diet"yet. I am giving myself until May first to get started. And it is not like it is a big diet really. Baby steps. It is all about not beating myself up over things, and just taking it very slowly and making lasting changes. My goal for May is to start drinking 4 water bottles per day at least and no more soda. That's it. Hopefully by June I will have made it a habit, and I will pick another goal to make a habit. Each month a new baby step. Adding in more exercise, and diet changes, etc. If it takes me all year to lose my weight, so be it. I want the changes to be lasting. and I have already learned that I have too much trouble sticking to drastic diet and exercise changes. As for Aaron, I have not heard from him yet, but I think he probably got to Kuwait yesterday. From what I understand the lines for internet are probably pretty long because everyone wants to get in touch with their loved ones. So I am not sweating it. Aaron will call or e mail when he can.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

All worth it

This is one of my latest favorite pictures of Bethany and Shea

There are so many moments as a mom that are crazy, chaotic, and messy, and tiring, but every once in a while you get a moment that reassures you that you are right where you are supposed to be in your life. Last night I had one of those moments. I had to write it in my journal too because it is right up there with some of the most precious memories I want to remember. I was putting the girls to bed last night, and after storytime on the couch, we all went off to Bethany's room to tuck her in then onto Shea's room to tuck her in too. While I was tucking Bethany in, Shea was hanging out waiting. After I said goodnight to Bethany, I told Shea "Come on! Time for you to go to bed." She got up and went over to Bethany's bedside and said, "Night night Betty. I lub you!" Then gave her a kiss with the "mwah" sound and all, lol. Bethany kissed her back and said she loves her too. So aside from being so sweet, Bethany got to be the first person Shea said, "I love you" to. I hope they will always be close and love each other like they do now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Breaking the rules

I really enjoyed our day today. Both kids were in school all morning, so Aaron and I got to enjoy some time alone. We ate a leisurely breakfast and had conversation. It was very relaxing. At 11 a.m. we went to pick up Bethany from school, and were met by a very sour faced 4 year old. Her teacher told us that she had not been bad at all, but had a very difficult morning. She was upset because another kid messed up what she was working on, and then she lost a piece of one of the toys and was bent on finding it. But she did not find the part before it was time to go home. So Aaron and I decided to break the rules and take her out for ice cream for lunch. When she realized we were pulling up to Dairy Queen instead of our house, she got so excited. She went up to the counter and told the boy at the register that she wanted chocolate! Then we spent a nice long time sitting in a booth while she ate her chocolate sundae. We talked about insects, and her excitement to meet her teacher's new guinea pig tomorrow at school, and her upcoming field trip to a ranch. It was a lot of fun for me too to get to spoil her a little and have some special time with her and Aaron.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random quote of the day: "Mommy, what letter does Q start with?"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can't concentrate!

Just in case anyone was wondering, the average time it takes me to write on of my blog post's tends to be about 6 hours. Not because I research what to say, and make cute backrounds, and edit it to perfection. The reason it takes so long is because typically I will start with the title. Then I write half of a sentence. This is about the time my 4 year old tells me she is hungry. This is the same child who ate lunch, and seconds and some of her sister's food and the easter candy she swiped while nobody was looking, all less than an hour prior. So I tell her that there will be a snack time at 3 p.m. I then write 2 more words of that first sentence. But have to stop again because my daughter is writhing on the floor, wasting away from starvation. About this time I hear a crash from a bedroom and Shea starts screaming, so I go to check on her. I come back out and all seems well, so I sit down and write 2 sentences. Then noticing how quiet and calm things are, I get up to investigate. I find my 4 year old in front of the open fridge taking one bite out of each apple. So I get her away from the fridge and get her distracted with some finger painting. Then I decide to cut the bitten apples into slices and put them in baggies. I come back into the living room and find my daughter finger painting her younger sister instead of the paper. Thank goodness for washable paints! I figure she is already messy, so may as well let her paint too. So I get her set up at the table to paint too. I sit down and try to remember what I wanted to write. I type almost a whole sentence and my husband comes in and sits down and decides to tell me every detail of the book he just finished reading. I sit and try to look interested. I really try. I go back to typing and this time get a few sentences out when my husband asks why I look so serious. I tell him I am typing. He asks if something is wrong because I look mad. I tell him, "no, I am just trying to concentrate." I ask him to give the kids a snack. I know I should just do it myself. He is not an idiot, but he does feel the need to ask me several questions about the process. So once the kids have snacks and hubby goes to do something, I start to wrap up the ending of my blog post. My daughter comes over and starts hanging from my chair and climbing on me wanting to know what I am doing. I tell her I am writing. She tells me she needs to go potty, so I tell her to go ahead. Then she tells me she already went in her pants. So I change her and clean her up. I then seem that my younger daughter is covered in paint, so I decide to just put them in the bathtub. Once they are bathed and dressed, I come back and try to finish that last sentence. My husband pokes his head in the door and asks, "You gonna start dinner?"

Exzema, Autism, and Dairy

Well it seems that Shea has eczema. According tot he doctor anyway. She has been getting a dry red rash on her cheeks, lower back and thighs since we moved to TX about 9 months ago. We have tried so many different ointments and creams and lotion, and none work. Today the doctor sent us home with desonide cream and cetaphil moisturizer. We shall see how those work. I don't think her eczema is too awful. I have definitely seen worse cases. But I still feel bad for her because she itches her back constantly. Plus the rashes just look so dry and uncomfortable. Someone told me they cut out dairy and it helped. I find that interesting because I know a lot of parents of children with autism say that cutting out dairy helped their children a lot. My older daughter is on the autism spectrum. I have had some minor health problems lately and it was suggested that I cut out dairy. I am starting to think I should try to cut off the dairy in our house! I will have to learn a little more about how we can make up for the calcium, but I think I may give it a shot. I will be waiting until after Aaron deploys though because he doesn't do well with dietary changes. He would be the enabler, smuggling cheese and ice cream into the house and sneaking the kids bites.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Coming soon!

I realize that I can be a serious slacker when it comes to keeping up my blog. But I have a plan. Aaron deploys soon, and right now things are just so busy. But I have a lot of goals I hope to accomplish while Aaron is away, and one of them is to blog daily about everything going on. I will be working on getting healthy and in shape. I will be taking classes online with CTC. And I think in the fall I will start potty training Shea. I think she will be ready by then. If I could have both kids out of diapers by the end of 2009, that would be wonderful. The plan is to blog about it all.

As for right now, my mother in law just came for a visit. Aaron is taking her to the airport right now to go home. Then he is on leave for another week and a half. We don't have any bog plans, but we hope to find a sitter at least one of the nights. We have a list of things we need to get done around the house too. And as usual we have our bi-weekly Waco trips. I wish there were more exciting things to tell, but there isn't. More to come!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting closer

I just realized yesterday that Aaron's block leave starts in a few days. After leave it won't be long at all until he leaves for Iraq again. I am really trying not to think about it. I want to enjoy his leave time with him and the kids. Nevertheless, I have found myself starting to do the same little things I have done the other times he deployed or went to Korea. Things like watching him sleep and trying to memorize the details of his face and hands. Trying to memorize the silly things like the callus under his wedding ring, and the exact feel of his face with stubble on it. I am doing a good job of convincing myself this really wont be so bad. It is only a year. As opposed to the 17 months he was away with school and Korea combined, or the 15 month deployments that some soldiers are still on. His job is one of the safer ones to have. He can get internet and talk on the phone, so we will be in touch often. I really feel like I can't complain too much. But I will miss him anyway. I am trying to make goals to accomplish this year and sign the kids up for different things to keep us extra busy. We will be going to CA for my sister's wedding this summer too. So maybe time will just fly by.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Latest from the funny farm

We have just been a busy bunch of people. I am baby sitting my friend's two kids this month while she takes a cna course. Her kids are 4 and 2. Put them together with my 2 kids and there is mayhem. They try to show off for each other. We have had to lock every door in the house leaving only the bathroom and Bethany's room available. This was learned because they were getting into the office and our bedroom and Shea's room and trashing the place. Bethany's room is where most of the toys are. So we are having some wild times here this month. But Bethany and TJ (the 4 year old) think they are boyfriend and girlsfriend. It is kind of cute. They hold hands and whenever TJ goes home Bethany asks for him. My friend says TJ asks when he gets to go back and play with Bethany too. He says he loves her, lol.

Bethany has reached the 4 year old stage of being sassy and a pain in the butt. We are having to crack down hard here. She is being defiant and dramatic. Anyone who knows Aaron, knows that he doesn't mess around, so he has been all about letting her know this attitude wont fly. Don't get me wrong. She can still be sweet and funny. She just suddenly thinks she is running the show. I have been having to put her in the corner a lot. Sometimes it is hard not to laugh though. Yesterday on the way to speech therapy, she asked for pretzel sticks. I told her there was a baggie in the backseat next to her. She said there wasn't. I told her to keep looking. She went off. She said, "That's it!! I am leaving! I'm finished! I am going to Connie's house! I... oh pretzel sticks!" Yup, she found them.

Shea is doing well. She is a silly girl. She usually torments Bethany by standing nearby and laughing at her when she gets into trouble. but Shea has reached a stage herself. The 2 year old stage. Lot's of fits. Lot's! Like I said, we are having some wild times here.

I am back on a diet and doing pretty well. After me box of girl scout cookies the other day, I got back on track. I am trying really hard to drink lots of water, and eat serving sizes, and more veggies. No soda or sweets or fast food. Aaron and I are going out this Saturday night, so it will take some extra will power to eat right when we go to dinner and the movie.

Aaron is doing well. He is either working or helping with the kids these days. For as stern as he is trying to be with Bethany's attitude, he sometimes can't help but laugh too. the other day Bethany told him, "Daddy, do you need to learn to follow directions!" He couldn't help himself. He just busted up laughing. He is on a kick to get into shape this year too. He would love to be able to do a marathon in about a year.

that's it for now!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am on a diet. Seriously. I have been doing well too! But now I need some help. Can anyone who reads my blog help me justify the entire box of girl scout cookies I just wolfed down with only the help of a 2 year old? They had peanut butter in them. That's healthy, right?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shea's Big Girl bed

Shea got her big girl bed today. She really loves it and was so excited. Here are some pictures of her and her new bed.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Such is military life

Things change a lot when you are a military family. You see people come and go a lot. Sometimes you are happy to see them go, lol. Other times it can be hard. I have become really close with a neighbor friend (not the crazy one). We watch each others kids all the time and she taught me how to make tutu's for my girls to play dress up with. She told me this morning that she found out her husband re enlisted and got the duty station they were hoping for. I am so sad that they will be leaving here in about 6 months, but happy for them because it is going to be a great experience for them. Another friend I have known online for years, and now we are based at the same place! The only problem is that we can never seem to get together. She is pretty busy, and I have been busier than usual too lately with sick kids and Bethany's therapies. We keep saying "Let's get together!" but we haven't managed it. I read on her blog that her family is planning to PCS (move) by the end of this year. I am hoping to hang out with her more before they do go. And I know they love the adventure of military life, so I am happy for them to move on to their next adventure. But sad to see them go too. I can't really say much. We hope to PCS out of here as soon as we can ourselves. I have made some great friends in the time I have been an Army wife. We were in GA for a long time, and I saw a lot of people come and go. Some of them I became really close to and it has been hard to keep up with the ones who aren't online much. Sometimes I daydream about settling down somewhere and buying a house and staying there forever, but I have to admit that it is a little exciting to wonder where you will go next and who you will meet along the way.

**Disclaimer: If any of my post doesn't flow well or make sense, that might be due to the fact that I have been interrupted at least 40 times by my kids and the (make that 41 times) kids I am watching who can't stop fighting over toys or beating each other up.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shea's Birthday party

Yesterday we celebrated Shea's 2nd birthday at McDonalds. She will actually be 2 on the 4th. We had a nice time with some friends and their kids. Here are some pictures.

Friday, January 30, 2009

more updates

Well, we are still just busy people. Aaron is finally wrapping up the phase they have been working on at work. A phase is when they take a helicopter and strip it down to the frame. Then they examine all of the parts and fix and maintenance what needs to be done. then they put it all back together. It takes seeral weeks and they have been working 16 hour days. With a deployment coming up in a few months, I am really hoping he can be home more.

I have been busy too. There are the usual things like taking Bethany to Waco twice a week for therapy. I am also trying to get things squared away with going back to school. I am a serial dieter as some of you know, and I am trying again to just eat healthier and do my workout more often. I will be watching my friend's kids for the month of February. Just from the morning time to early afternoon. She is going to school too.

Bethany is doing well. She has gotten a serious attitude that we are trying to squash. She tells her teachers and therpists and us "no". If we tell her to do something she will say she doesn't want to and tell us to do it ourselves. She has been spending a lot of time on time out. Otherwise she is doing well. She is still the same funny kid. She talks non stop now. She was such a late talker that when I heard other parent's say that they sometimes wish their kids would just be quiet, I didn't understand how they could say that. Now I do! I love hearing Bethany talk and the funny things she says. there are just times I wish I could hae a moment of silence. Liek when I am in the bathroom or shower. But that is not a big problem. Her constant jabbeing makes me laugh.

Shea is almost 2! Her birthday is on the 4th. She has starting throwing fits. Full on fits with screeching and laying on the floor and kicking her legs. It can be amusing unless we are somewhere like the grocery store or doctor's office. then other parents look at us all shocked, as if their kids are perfect. I don't let it get to me too much. Shea is starting to talk more. She has been sick lately, so she mostly just wants to snuggle. I won't complain about snuggling. I want to get all the snuggles I can before she is too big for me to carry her around anymore.

So there are my mostly boring updates. The big exitement coming up is that we are going to get Shea a big girl bed soon. I think she will love it. I am excited to pick out her bedding. It will be fun.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bethany's new bed

A few weeks ago I noticed a nearby neighbor had put a childs bed out at the curb for trash pick up. I took a closer look and it was mostly in great shape! So we hauled it in. Aaron spent 10 bucks at Home Depot and put a couple of 1 by 4's in the bottom to support the mattress better. He also put in some wood screws to secure the frame and make it sturdy. Then I cleaned the bed with Simple Green. (Aaron is in love with Simple Green. We buy it in the commercial sized concentrated bottles at Sam's, lol) Then I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get some crayon off of it. I think it turned out great. See for your self!