Monday, November 24, 2008

Survey about my husband

I just realized that it has been nearly a month since I have updated my blog! So I started thinking about what has been going on lately so I could write about it. But we must just be extremely boring people, because I have nothing to tell, lol. SO in catching up on my friends blogs, I stole this survey from Becki. Thanks Becki!

HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN MARRIED? It will be 5 years next month
HOW LONG DID YOU DATE? about a year and a half
WHO IS TALLER? He is, by almost a foot.
WHO CAN SING BEST? Hard to say. But I will say it is him because whenever I sing, Bethany yells at me to stop singing and she covers her ears. Aaron is allowed to sing though, so based off of that, he must be the better singer.
WHO IS SMARTER? I would really love to say I am, but I can't. We are both pretty smart, just about different things. I think he probably is just a smidge smarter though.
WHO DOES LAUNDRY? Mostly me, but Aaron often chooses to wash his own uniforms and PT's
WHO PAYS BILLS? That would be me. He makes the money and I send it all off.
WHO MOWS THE LAWN? If we had a lawn, Aaron would probably mow it more than I would.
WHO COOKS DINNER? I do most of the time. Aaron is good at cooking steak, and his specialty french toast. He also makes cheesy Ramen or PB& J sandwiches.
WHO'S THE FIRST TO ADMIT THEY ARE WRONG? Truthfully, Aaron. Even when he is not wrong he just apologizes if I am upset.
WHO KISSED WHO FIRST? Aaron kissed me first.
WHO WEARS THE PANTS? I wouldn't say either one of us wear the pants necessarily. But I think I tend to call the shots around here more than he does, just because he is so laid back he is usually happy to go along with whatever I think is best. He will speak up if he doesn't agree, but it is rare.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bethany's first Haircut

Yes, I know she is almost 4 years old, but we were reluctant to get her haircut and lose the beautiful curls. But it was finally time to do it. The ends were looking raggedy. So we went to a kid friendly place, and had the girl take about 2 inches off the back, and 1/2 an inch off the shorter pieces. We want to get her hair to all the same length but we don't want to cut a lot off, so we are evening it all out slowly. Bethany did great, and her hair looks healthier. I, of course had to keep a bit of the hair to put in her baby book.


Well, things didn't really work out the way we planned this Halloween, but everything is okay now. On Friday Shea got really sick. I couldn't get her fever down, and she got hysterical and her legs were trembling. So I took her to the ER.

I was really upset knowing I would miss trick or treating with Bethany, but more worried about Shea, plus Aaron planned to take her, so that was good. But then at the hospital when they triaged Shea, they rushed her straight back to a room and several nurses were in there trying to get her fever down and they catheterized her for urine, drew blood, and kept her arms taped to a board to keep the blood drawing catheter in her arm, and did x-rays. They were all worried because she was screaming and arching her back in pain before they even started all of the tests. Then they started talking about admitting her to the Pediatric unit, and I asked the nurse if I needed to have my husband come. the doctor told me yes, to call him up.

So Aaron left Bethany with a neighbor (not the crazy one) who agreed to take Bethany trick or treating with her kids. We were glad she could still go because she was so excited. Aaron got to the ER, and thankfully about an hour later, her fever broke. We then waited on the labs and x-rays for another 2 hours, but by the time they let her go home she was sitting up in the bed playing with Aaron's sunglasses and looking at books. She had kept down 1 1/2 pedialyte popsicles too. Aaron ate the other half of her 2nd popsicle, lol. We had to bring her back the next morning for a follow up, but she slept through the night and was doing well. She still is. We still don't know why she got sick, but whatever it was seems to have passes.

Our neighbor told us that Bethany was the most excited kid out there trick or treating. She was dancing around telling everyone, "I'm Tinkerbell!!" As a matter of fact she is wearing her costume now and asking Aaron to put treats in her basket. And I have to wrap this up because she just burst in the room demanding I find her Tinkerbell shoes. This is the first year she is really into the holidays, so we are having a lot of fun too. It is really sweet