Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We make a great first impression!

So recently I had the great idea to join a playgroup. I figure it will keep the kids busy a lot and have fun things to do, and I can meet some more people since my favorite people are PCS'ing to Fort Carson this summer. (I know you are reading this Violet) So I found some playgroups and chose one to apply to. The manager of the group told me that they like to do a trial play date before approving members to make sure they don't get any weirdo's who don't actually have kids or anyone crazy. So we agreed to attend the play date to the Belton fire station for a tour this evening.

While we were waiting outside for everyone to show up, my two darling daughters were running off in opposite directions. Do I chase the 4 year old who is running off to pet that snarling dog on a chain or do I chase the 2 year old headed for the road? After I get my kids back to the front of the building I notice that all of the other kids are standing quietly next to their parents. No kidding there were 3 year olds standing there talking calmly to each other. So bizarre.

Finally the tour starts and Shea starts having temper tantrums about 3 minutes into the tour. I was carrying her as she made her body stiff as a board and screamed, while Bethany tried to argue with me because I refused to buy her candy out of the candy machine in the hallway. This went on for about 15 minutes as we followed the tour. It even continued once we got to the garage where the big trucks are kept. Finally when the fireman was modeling the oxygen masks for the kids and explaining fire safety, Shea just laid down next to him and flopped around like a fish out of water and screeched non stop. Bethany didn't do too badly except for the fact that she was all over the place. At least she wasn't screaming and came when I called her. I hated to make Bethany leave, but Shea was just going crazy and the other kids couldn't hear the fireman talking.

I was quite surprised when I came home to an e-mail expressing sympathy from the other parents and welcoming me into the playgroup! I think I will need to pick which play dates we attend very carefully. No tours. It would be nice if there was a sound proof park nearby that was surrounded by an 8 foot prison fence with electric wiring. Then I could just sit down and chat with the other moms while the kids play.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily Log

Just popping in to report on today. I will try to update daily, but I am not looking to turn my blog completely into a diet journal, so there will be all the other stuff too.

I tried to do well and I did ok, but not perfect. I only got on the elliptical twice today which is not a lot when you consider that I don't last very long. Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: 1 serving of steel cut oats with a little pat of butter
Lunch: 1/2 cup of beans (I was in a hurry. Lots of fiber though!)
Snack: 1 Luna Bar ( I love these!)
Dinner: Salmon and broccoli cheese rice (I was going to have peas but then I saw the package of rice and I caved. Bad Amanda!)

I need to go to the store tomorrow. I am going to buy lots of fruit! I always do for the kids, but I am looking forward to some apples!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Time to lay it all out there.

I am getting serious about losing weight now. I started off slow, trying to get used to Aaron being deployed and make my small changes. I am still taking baby steps, but will also be stepping it up just a little bit. I have decided to be fully honest because I think it will keep me from slipping up so much if I know I have to share any failures. So for that reason I am about to share my starting weight and measurements. It is pretty scary to share measurements, but how can I be excited and share if I lost half an inch if I don't share my starting measurements? I will also be posting a picture of me. Believe it or not, sharing a picture of myself right now is even scarier than sharing the measurements! I have been avoiding the camera for a long time now. So here I go!

I am 30 years old and 5'3.
Weight: 171.8 lbs
Chest: 40.5
waist: 41 inches
hips: 41 inches
thighs: 24.5 inches
arms: 12.5 inches

Scary isn't it! Of course Bethany had a comment while watching me take measurements. "You measuring your boobies, mommy?" So then she wanted her boobies measured. So she wrapped the tape around her to see her number. I told her she is just right!

Ok, now for a before picture...(Bethany took the picture for me, and of course had to have her picture taken too)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today when Bethany and I went to pick up Shea from school, I was buckling them into the carseats, and Bethany was being so sweet. She was handing Shea toys, and giving her kisses. Then as I drove home I saw in the rear view mirror that Bethany was holding Shea's hand. Then I heard her telling Shea, "Shea you are a great friend. You are my best friend." I thought it was so sweet! Especially considering that just yesterday she was ready to beat Shea senseless over a broken blue crayon. Thank goodness for the sweet moments.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


For some reason Bethany has been very pre occupied about "boobies" lately. She is always poking mine with her finger or telling me that she see's my boobies. Earlier as I was undressing the kids to give them a bath, Bethany was examining her own chest and asked me, "Where are MY boobies?" I told her that she will get boobies when she gets older. "But I want them noooooooowwww!" Ummmm, I don't know what to tell you, you are just going to have to be patient.

About 45 minutes later after the girls had their bath and were dressed in jammies, Bethany walks down the hall with 2 plastic toy blocks under her shirt. She walks up and tells me... "TJ is going to love this!" Oh geez! (TJ is her 4 year old boy friend who lives across the street). What do you say to a 4 year old who is eager to show off her fake boobs to the boy across the street? LOL! I decided to ignore that comment in hopes that she will soon forget about all of this boobie business.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Days like yesterday

On days like yesterday when both the kids and I were sick and it was chaotic and I just wanted to talk to Aaron, but we got disconnected, I can relate to this cartoon. Wouldn't it be nice if spouses got medals too. lol.

Home sick

We are all sick. Yesterday was worse. today it seems that we are on the mend. Still not feeling at 100%, but getting there. Bethany seems to be feeling better too. She has been insisting that we bake a chocolate cake for her friend TJ who has been sick with an Upper respiratory infection. Unfortunately if is 3 days before payday and the I don't think you can make a chocolate cake out of old Velveeta, frozen chicken, condiments, rice, and cereal. Not to mention I am really not up for baking today.

Mom's aren't allowed to be sick. Yesterday as I was miserable and dry heaving, I was also comforting kids, giving baths, and washing everything that they vomited all over. Today Bethany is home from school so we don't share the illness with all of her schoolmates. We are also under heat advisory, so we will be staying inside and eating pedialyte popsicles.

Yesterday I was thrilled to get a call from Aaron. It has been about a week since his last call, and I especially wanted to hear his voice yesterday. Unfortunately we were disconnected after only one and a half minutes. I am hoping he calls back today. Before too much longer he will get set up and the internet and phone calls will be a little better than they are now.

My weight loss plans are coming along. Being so sick yesterday probably helped me lose a pound or two. not the way I usually like to lose weight, but it's one little perk. Well things are pretty dull at the moment. I will stop my babbling now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Every day!

Everyday. I will be posting everyday once Aaron deploys. That's what I said, isn't it? Yet you may notice it has been a few days since my last blog. That, my friends is because I am lazy. That said, I am really trying to do better. So lets just say that I will post every day that I possibly can.

As for today, my kids were nuts! I want to know who was slipping them chocolate bars and energy drinks! Shea was running around screaming and Bethany was just in constant movement. Finally about 15 minutes before bedtime I was just so exhausted, so I grabbed jammies and decided to call it a day. However the kids did not share my feeling, and they still don't. Here we are an hour and a half after their regular bedtime and Shea is singing to herself, and Bethany just came out for about the 17th time. This time it was to inform me that there is a fly in her room.

It is just another crazy week here, but there are two things that have me excited. One is that tomorrow is trash day! No I have not lost my mind. A friend of mine counts the trash days until her husband comes home from a deployment because lets face it. 52 sounds a whole lot better than 365. I stole this method from her because I like it. So tomorrow I can say one less trash day until Aaron comes home. Speaking of Aaron he has called twice now, and it was great to talk to him. He is doing well and even ran into our next door neighbor in the showers! lol. My neighbor's wife had not heard form her husband yet, so she was happy to hear something about him. Sometimes it is just comforting to know that "hey, he was in the showers earlier!" instead of sitting and wondering what they are doing and if and when they will call.

The second reason I am excited is because my Grandma and her husband Greg just moved to Texas and they are just about an hour drive away! They bought a house years ago and were renting it out, but about 6 months ago they felt it was time to leave California, and they started making plans to move. Right now they are getting settled in, but hopefully we will get to see them this weekend! I am thrilled to have family nearby. Especially my Grandma. My Grandma is wonderful, and so is Greg. I love them both. Being a military family you move around a lot and sometimes I really miss having family around.

That's all for today. Maybe I will post again tomorrow!