Friday, January 30, 2009

more updates

Well, we are still just busy people. Aaron is finally wrapping up the phase they have been working on at work. A phase is when they take a helicopter and strip it down to the frame. Then they examine all of the parts and fix and maintenance what needs to be done. then they put it all back together. It takes seeral weeks and they have been working 16 hour days. With a deployment coming up in a few months, I am really hoping he can be home more.

I have been busy too. There are the usual things like taking Bethany to Waco twice a week for therapy. I am also trying to get things squared away with going back to school. I am a serial dieter as some of you know, and I am trying again to just eat healthier and do my workout more often. I will be watching my friend's kids for the month of February. Just from the morning time to early afternoon. She is going to school too.

Bethany is doing well. She has gotten a serious attitude that we are trying to squash. She tells her teachers and therpists and us "no". If we tell her to do something she will say she doesn't want to and tell us to do it ourselves. She has been spending a lot of time on time out. Otherwise she is doing well. She is still the same funny kid. She talks non stop now. She was such a late talker that when I heard other parent's say that they sometimes wish their kids would just be quiet, I didn't understand how they could say that. Now I do! I love hearing Bethany talk and the funny things she says. there are just times I wish I could hae a moment of silence. Liek when I am in the bathroom or shower. But that is not a big problem. Her constant jabbeing makes me laugh.

Shea is almost 2! Her birthday is on the 4th. She has starting throwing fits. Full on fits with screeching and laying on the floor and kicking her legs. It can be amusing unless we are somewhere like the grocery store or doctor's office. then other parents look at us all shocked, as if their kids are perfect. I don't let it get to me too much. Shea is starting to talk more. She has been sick lately, so she mostly just wants to snuggle. I won't complain about snuggling. I want to get all the snuggles I can before she is too big for me to carry her around anymore.

So there are my mostly boring updates. The big exitement coming up is that we are going to get Shea a big girl bed soon. I think she will love it. I am excited to pick out her bedding. It will be fun.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bethany's new bed

A few weeks ago I noticed a nearby neighbor had put a childs bed out at the curb for trash pick up. I took a closer look and it was mostly in great shape! So we hauled it in. Aaron spent 10 bucks at Home Depot and put a couple of 1 by 4's in the bottom to support the mattress better. He also put in some wood screws to secure the frame and make it sturdy. Then I cleaned the bed with Simple Green. (Aaron is in love with Simple Green. We buy it in the commercial sized concentrated bottles at Sam's, lol) Then I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get some crayon off of it. I think it turned out great. See for your self!