Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Knock Knock!

Bethany is cracking me up lately! Well I shouldn't say lately. She makes me laugh all the time. Her latest thing is trying to get the hang on knock knock jokes. It is pretty funny. She says "Knock knock!" I say "Who's there?" then she yells something totally off the wall and falls apart laughing hysterically. It makes no sense, yet it makes me laugh. Aaron taught her the one that goes "Boo" "Boo who?" "Well you don't have to cry about it!" I don't think she even gets the joke which makes it even funnier.

Some other funnies... Aaron has 2 missing teeth that simply never came in. so he has a retainer thingie with 2 false teeth attached. The missing teeth are toward the front of his mouth. Well Bethany noticed the silver bar that goes across his teeth last night and wanted to know what it was. He tried explaining it, but she got confused, so finally he just popped it out. I wish you could have seen her face. Her eyes got really big. Now she wants to know why her teeth dont come out too.

She is such a bossy little mommy. She is always fussing at Shea. She literally follows her around all day and takes things away or tells her to finish her food, or get out of something she is not supposed to be into. She also has started playing with a baby doll but all she does is tuck the baby into bed and tell it, "Go to sleep, DO NOT get out of bed again!"

Bethany is one of the pickiest eaters ever. I have never seen the child eat a piece of meat until today. Today I went through Wendy's for lunch since it was 1 om and they had not had lunch. We were on our way back from Wal Mart. Aaron and his mom had been working in the yard too so I knew they would want food. Anyway, while we were eating Bethany looked at Donna's ( my mother in law) burger and asked her, "Is that a crabby patty!?" Donna told her yes it was and asked her if she wanted to try it. Bethany said yes, and took a bite. I totally expected her to spit it out, but she didn't! She said she liked it, but would not take another bite. But this incident has given me some sneaky ideas... Thank you Spongebob!

Speaking of Spongebob, little miss Shea whose vocabulary consists of the words, ball, no, baby, mine, etc.. tries to sing along to the Spongebob song. whenever it comes on I hear her say something that almost resembles Spongebob, lol. Have I mentioned we watch a lot of Spongebob these days? That portable DVD is a lifesaver when you are traveling.

Another Shea story: The other night she was making noises in her sleep, and then I heard her say, "Nee nee! NO!!" I had to laugh. Nee Nee is what she calls Bethany.

Well I think I am done telling sotries about my babies for now. Rest assured there will be more. There is never a dull moment with those two.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Homecoming and a PCS

So much is going on right now. We are busier than ever. Aaron came home on July 8th! I spent that day having my hair done and making myself pretty, then left the kids with my mom who was visiting. His flight was an hour and a half delayed, but he finally got there. Funny, but as soon as I saw him it was like he had never been gone. We stayed in Atlanta for 2 days and just enjoyed being alone. Aaron had some requests such as eating at the Waffle House and Longhorn.

We got home on the 10th and right away Bethany just looked at him and said "Hi Daddy!" I was so glad she remembered him. Both her and Shea took right to him. Bethany h as been having some big fits though. We think she is testing him to see what he will do. He is a lot tougher than I am, so she doesn't get away with much.

On the 12th my mom went home to CA and on the 14th the movers came and packed away all of our things. On the 15th the movers packed everything into the truck and we had an empty apartment. Bethany and Shea handled that a lot better than expected although Bethany did keep asking where things were and insisting that we have to find them. We tried explaining everything as best we could, but it is still a bit confusing to the kids.

On the 16th we cleaned up the apartment and packed up the car. It was Bethany's last day at Easter Seals, so we brought cupcakes for her class. It was especially hard to leave Easter Seals. I started bringing her there soon after we were told that she was delayed in speech and socialization skills. She was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Autism spectrum) soon after. We saw amazing improvement in her in just one month and she continued to do well. Shortly after she turned 3 she was moved from Toddler 1 class to Preschool 2. She had wonderful teachers. Miss Sandy and Miss Melissa were wonderful. It was so sad to take her out. You always hope that your child will be in an environment where they flourish and the teachers love them. I really hope I can find her a great place when we get to TX.

Last night we drove to Orlando and we are staying with Aaron's mom here for about 2 weeks. On Sunday we are going to church with Aaron's Grandma. She lives in a very small community about 2 hours away. Most of the people in the community are elderly and have lived there forever. They have known Aaron his whole life. Not only are they excited to see his kids, but they are so proud of him for his service in the Army. He has agreed to wear his dress uniform to church and the whole community has left up their July 4th decorations for his visit. I am very proud of him too, and excited for Sunday. I will take pictures.

I will have a lot of pictures to upload when we get settled in TX, so be prepared for it! I took pictures of Bethany's last day at school, and of some of our friends in GA too.

We are planning some fun things that the kids will love while we are in Orlando. We plan to take them to the beach and Sea World. We will go on to Texas around the first week of August, and work on getting housing. That's all for now!