Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Pair of Running Shoes!

I am so excited! Today I bought my first pair of running shoes! Bethany and I went to Dick's Sporting goods. Although I know squat about running shoes at this point, I figured I could trust the guy in the store to know what he was doing, since as soon as I walked up he told me that I walk on the outside of my feet. I guess people who know this stuff notice how people walk. I am still in the walking portion of my couch to 5k program, but I am about to pick up the pace. More to come...

Monday, July 13, 2009

The value of a friend

Today one of my best friends moved away. Her son was also Bethany's first real best friend. I am so sad. How often do you find a friend who understands you, and leans on you but not too much, and helps you out when you need help? A friend who is right on your level.

I have had 2 such friends. My best childhood friend Stacey who I am still close friends with, and now Violet. These two people have been there for me, and I never felt judged by them.

As for Bethany and TJ, in a neighborhood and age where other kids already tease each other, and take notice of their weaknesses, they are still innocent compared to many other kids their age who are already acting like teenagers. Sure, they fought like an old married couple over the stupidest things. One of my favorites, was the repeated arguments over which one of them was 4. Because they can't BOTH be 4, you know. Despite the fighting, if they are apart more than a day, they ask for each other. TJ is one of the first people Bethany wants to show a new toy, or sticker, or picture she made.

A lot of friends have come and gone in the last 7 years that I have been part of a military family, but this one is the hardest yet. I was so sad to see Bethany and TJ give each other one last hug and kiss good bye and to try and explain to Bethany that he is not coming back and will not live at his house anymore, but we can send him pictures and talk on the phone.

I will miss sitting with Violet after the kids go to bed, and just talking. I suddenly feel very lonely with Aaron gone, and now my friend and her family. I know we will make other friends. And with Aaron getting out of the Army in another year, maybe we will even make some friends we can keep! It is one perk to switching over to the civilian life.

Violet, when you read this, I hope that you get your college done, and go on to accomplish everything you are hoping for. And I hope you will be happy. You know how to find me anytime you want to talk.