Friday, August 21, 2009

College girl

I have been working on getting squared away for school for a little while now, and I am thrilled to say that after spending the last 2 days in the student services center, I finally finished up the process! I have classes locked in and paid for by financial aid. I just need to go get books. Now my schedule is a bit weird, but here is the deal. I am wanting to get into an RN program after we move next year. But I need a degree plan for now. So I chose biology as my major because many of the pre requisites for the RN programs involve a lot of science. Most of the classes were already full so there were no openings in math, english, science or history. So I am taking 2 psychology classes. General, and Life span and growth study. I go on campus 2 days a week for that. I am also taking 2 online classes. Music appreciation which is my humanities requirement, and pharmacology. Pharmacology is part of the RN program but is also one of the few RN program classes I can take before I am in. The counselor tells me pharmacology is a hard class, but she thinks I can handle it because I got such high reading and english scores on my placement test. I will have to take it at some point and I did not have many options, so I said, "Fine. Let's do it!" I am really excited because this is the beginning! I am getting started to better my life. I am doing something for myself! It feels good!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lap Dance

Yes, we look pretty silly

The other night my 4 sisters, one of my sister Heather's friend's, and I drove to downtown San Diego and took a private lesson on how to lap dance! It was awesome! It sounds slutty, but it really wasn't. No men allowed in the studio and everyone was fully dressed. It was quite a workout! We are all still sore. But it was so much fun! And the stuff we learned is totally something you can go home and do for your husband. Trust me, the routine she taught us will not meet any complaints from any hubby's. lol. Well, my husband is deployed, but that just gives me more time to practice and get in shape. Actually thinking about continuing lessons back in TX. A lot of women take the classes as a workout. There was one lady leaving as we showed up, and I chatted with her for a few minutes and she told me when she started the classes she was bigger than me. This lady had an awesome body. But anyway, it was a really fun way to break up the normal every day routine. And it was great to be with my sisters and just laugh with each other.

Monday, August 3, 2009


We are currently visiting my family and friends in CA. My parents have a cat named Estella, but my girls have gotten it all wrong despite being corrected several times. They insist on calling her "Vanilla". Both Bethany and Shea immediately fell in love with her and Estella/Vanilla seems to love them right back. She lets my girls harrass her while she eats, and pull on her tails and get in her face. She is very concerned when either one of them is crying or upset too. I wish we could take her home with us. Maybe I should have gotten the girls a cat a while back. Here are some pictures of them. In the first picture, yes Shea was taste testing her food for her.