Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 1 New Adventure

We are nearly a civilian family now. We have to turn in our ID cards in a week! It feels weird. Very weird. I can't really explain how I feel about it, because I am not sure I understand myself. I think I will always consider us an Army family to some extent. You would think that this would mean no more deployments wouldn't you? Well, not so much. We are doing it one more time. I can't give too many details too soon, but I will share as I can.

Day 1:

As I type this I have a 5 year old laying next to me whining because she wants to do a puzzle on the computer. Just 2 minutes ago she was engrossed in her Leapster. My 3 year old is sitting on my back bouncing up and down. I am laying on the floor as we do not have any furniture yet. We just moved and our household goods wont arrive for another 5 days. So my 2 girls and I are hanging out in a fairly empty house. Tomorrow Bethany starts back to school. I was feeling a bit sad to see summer end, but with an empty house and little money for entertainment at the moment, the kids are bored, and whining to fill their time. We kept toys to bring with us instead of being packed, but they are tired of those toys. I think I am ready for her to go to school tomorrow, just to curb the whining. She is super excited.

I got to talk to Aaron a little while ago. He is still stateside for the time being while he is in training. he asked me to send him boots and paperwork. Well, I suppose I will wait for my friend Nicole to show up. We are going to shampoo the carpet this afternoon. Totally exciting. I better let Bethany do her puzzle and go get Shea out of the refrigerator. I hear her in the kitchen helping herself.

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