Monday, February 1, 2010

Way of life

I watch a lot of HGTV. I love every show on that station. Lately House Hunters cracks me up though. On House Hunters, they show someone looking to buy a house and the realtor shows them 3 different homes. Then they choose one. In nearly every episode you hear the same things. From watching this show, I now know that just about everyone considers, a good view, granite counters, crown molding and hard wood floors the epitome of perfection.

One thing people complain about a lot is the noise. If there is a highway within 3 miles, people will grimace, and don't know if they can live like that. Or they only have 1 acre of land so their neighbors are too close. Or it is not a gourmet kitchen.

I think Aaron and I should be on House Hunters when we eventually buy. We will be the easiest people they have ever had on.

You see, we live in on post housing. We live in a duplex which means we share a wall with our closest neighbor. We also share a front lawn. Our nearest unattached neighbor is approximately 20 feet away. In the morning and about 3 times between dinner and 11 pm we hear colors and retreat (the bugle and canon), and Taps played over loud speakers. We have train tracks approximately 1/4 of a mile from the front door. When it goes by the walls vibrate. It is extremely common to hear soldiers practicing their shooting at the range at all hours of the day or night. My kitchen is small even for a galley kitchen. I have next to no counter space. 2 outlets total in the kitchen and laminate counter tops. We have linoleum floors throughout.

And I am happy.

OK ok, when we do buy a house, I will be looking for a bigger kitchen. Some counter space would be nice. But honestly, I sleep through trains, and bugles, and shooting, as do my kids. The floors are easy to clean and so cheap that I don't hold my breathe all day and live in fear of a kid spilling their juice or anything. We have plenty of space.

What it all boils down to is that we have enough. And I have learned that home is what you make it. This is one lesson I have learned during my time as an Army wife. I think I am going to miss Army life a little.


Sheella said...
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Sheella said...


I live in NYC. Enough said. LOL. Honestly though, I once lived in this railroad apartment. It was supposed to be a two bedroom. It definitely wasn't. My bathroom was super tiny, and the kitchen was half its size. There was no counter space. As in we had to get rid of the microwave. There was nowhere to put it. I had to go to my kitchen table to do all my prep work.

The "second bedroom" was a closet, literally. Once you exited the house, there was major highway to the right. About 200 feet away, on the left, (equal distance) we had a bridge that carried freight and Amtrak trains. and two block behind us was the Elevated N Subway train. I swear it only bothered me for two weeks. After that I sort of got used to it.

When we moved here I couldn't sleep at night, it was too quiet. The lack of horns blaring in the middle of the night was kind of scary. Its funny too because a lot of people say this neighborhood is too noisy.

Although, I can't say that when I buy a house I'm going to be easy. I have paid my dues throughout the years. When we do buy a house I'm going to be super picky. I have already started my list of demands. lol

Becki said...

I agree!! I used to watch that show a lot when we had dish. I do love my big kitchen, although I know I could survive with smaller. We have linoleum in the kitchen, but I just HAD to take the carpet out of the dining room. ICK! We now have wood laminate and I LOVE it. I wanted it over tile. Didn't want to deal with the grout and all that. I would love different carpet throughout the house. I don't understand why the people put such light carpet in! They had kids too! But, as much as I would love new carpet, and to finish my basement, I am content as well. Home is what we make it. We can complain and we unhappy with what we don't have, or we can be happy, content, and thankful for what we do have.

Cr4zySAHMandArmywife said...

Awww....I miss Venable Village!