Friday, June 19, 2009

Safety Fair

Today was the safety fair on west fort Hood. They had the fire department there, and the police, and people doing carseat inspections and even a boat with people showing the kids how to put on life vests. There was also snow cones, free food, a jumping house, and more! The kids had lots of fun. Shea loved the snow cones and finished off not only her own but Bethany's and our neighbor Jennica's too.

I think the coolest part though was that the fire department had a huge trailer set up like a little two story house with a kitchen and everything. They had kids go in and they talked about kitchen safety. During the kitchen safety speech Bethany told the firemen that I had told her there would be snow cones here, and she wanted one. Then when they took the kids upstairs and turned on the smoke machines Bethany told everyone it smelled good like when her mommy makes dinner. Hmmmm. I do tend to make things well done, but I didn't think I was that bad. Then she got to climb out the window onto a balcony and a fireman helped her climb down the ladder.

We had a great time. I am only sorry that we got worn out before they showed the video of our soldiers in Iraq. Our company made their first video of this deployment to show us, but after 3 hours, the kids were done. I am sure there will be another chance to see it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meanest Mom/ Western Union giveaway!

If you all have never read the blog: Then you need to go read right now! She has one of the most hilarious blogs I have ever read, and right now she is doing a giveaway with Western Union. You can enter to win 100 dollars for your husband for Father's day! go check it out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mr. Butterfly

Bethany found a dead moth today and has made him her pet. She has been petting him and feeding him and has named him Mr. Butterfly. I tried to suggest Mr. Butterfly should live outside because he likes the fresh air, but Bethany didn't agree, and my suggestion was met with hysterics. She is now firmly attached to her pet, and is not letting him out of her sight. Maybe I should have taken her more seriously this past week when she kept asking to go to the pet store to get a big green cat. She is obviously wanting a pet pretty badly. Here are some pictures of Bethany with her friend Jenna and Mr. Butterfly.