Thursday, January 28, 2010


My Bethany has such an imagination. I love that about her. Her and Shea have a bunch of Fisher-Price Little People Toys. They are really into playing with the Noah's Ark animals lately.

I was folding laundry and Bethany came running up to me and tol me, "Mommy I have some bad news! Zebra needs to go to the Dr.!" So I asked her why. "Because his stripes are bleeding!" At this point, I can't resist asking how he got hurt. "I was throwing him at the ceiling and he bumped his ear on a lady bug and the ladybug went crunch and her spots fell off. Then zebra landed on her spots and slided across the floor and hit his butt on the wall and I stepped on him and my shoes scraped up his stripes." Oh, ok. Makes sense. I told her to go ahead and take him to the Dr. So she had Shea get out the doctor kit toy and they checked him out before wrapping him in a toilet paper bandage until he was one big ball of TP.

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Becki said...

She does have a great imagination!! lol