Friday, June 27, 2008

10 days left!

Oh wow! 10 days left until Aaron will be home! I am so excited! When I think about seeing Aaron's face it still seems too far away. But when I think about how much I need to do before he gets home, I don't think I have enough time! I have been working hard to get our things organized before the movers come, and getting paperwork done and updated and gathering records, etc. I finally got to check something off my list, then Aaron called and told me about 2 other things I need to add to the list! I know I should be happy he thought of it, or we would have problems later. I am just pretty overwhelmed. I keep getting rid of stuff we don't need, but the apartment looks as cluttered as ever. On a positive note, Aaron spoke with the housing office and it looks like we will probably walk right into housing and not have to wait! I am glad because we will have a yard for the kids to play in. It may not be fenced in, but I think we can get it fenced. But I am just so happy they will have some space to play outside. Living in an apartment is hard for such active kids. Going to the park takes planning. Not as easy as just opening the door. I want them to have fun kid experiences like playing in the sprinklers. I can't believe there is just 10 days left. I was totally set on losing my baby weight before he got home. But I am still pretty darn fluffy. Good thing he loves me for my sparkling personality. Oh well. I will lose it eventually. I am nervous too. I hope the kids do well with all of the changes coming. I feel sure that Shea will go along with things, but I think Bethany might have a hard time. Aaron and I have talked about it, and we know that all we can do is make sure to give her plenty of attention and talk to her about whats going on and reassure her.

On a good note, I think I am winning the bedtime battle! Bethany has been using some really good tactics to get out of having to go to bed, and be allowed to lay on the couch instead. I made the mistake of giving in a couple of times, but once I wised up to what she was doing I realized I had to get her back to sleeping in her own bed. It has not been easy. She is really persistent. But yesterday she didn't have a fit when I sent her back to bed every time she tried to come out. It was hard not to laugh. She tried casually walking out, she tried doing a belly crawl to the couch, she tried running to a piece of furniture and hiding behind it then going to another piece of furniture, etc. But tonight she didn't even try to come out of her room. So I am pleased. Well thats enough babble for now.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bethany Funnies

~ After bedtime prayers, she asked, "Where IS Jesus Christ?" I told her he is in Heaven watching over her to help her make good choices. She looked at me like I was crazy, then started calling out, "Jeeeeeesus!!! Where are youuuuuu?!!!"

~While singing Old MacDonald had a Farm, I usually stop to let her say which animal was on his farm. She really threw me for a loop when she called out "Caribou!" Since then Old MacDonald has also had a turtle, a fox, and an eagle on his farm. I have no idea what sound any of those animals make.

~Bethany is always pulling off my shoes and socks. Recently I was wearing new socks and they left some lint on my foot. Bethany picked off the lint, held it up to look at it better, and said, "Oh! a sheep!"

~When Shea took one of her toys that she was playing with, Bethany got eye level and says, "No Shea. That's mine. Do you understand?" Funny because she got that from me. Whenever I tell her something, I tend to say, "Do you understand?" She sounded like such a little adult.

~For a few weeks now whenever I tell her to do something, she yells "YES SIR!" Like she is in boot camp or something. It makes me laugh every time.

That's all I can remember right now. I will add more another time.