Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kids are messy!

Any mom who just read the title of this blog post, just said "DUH!!" Two days ago Bethany got on a stool and carried the vase of flowers Aaron sent me to the computer desk. She was aggressively sniffing the flowers, when the vase toppled over spilling water onto the box that connects to the internet. I had to have someone come out and look at it, and he had to replace it. He told me the boxes are very expensive, but he was going to just say it was a malfunction and not our fault. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers! We could not afford to pay for that! Yesterday I got some cleaning done. Found an entire box worth of Cheerios underneath the Entertainment center. As I poured the vaccum canister into the trash, I thought about how wasteful it was, but figured pouring it back in the cereal box would be pretty gross. At one point I decided to take a 2 minute shower. My kids were napping (or so I thought). 2 minutes later, I get out of the shower and find Bethany feeding herself and Shea grape jelly straight from the jar. It was on the floor and the TV too. The peanut butter stays on top of the refridgerator because she has gotten into that before too. Reminds me of my husband who would happily eat PB and jelly minus the bread with a spoon. I guess tha apple doesn't fall far. And now my sweet Bethany is sitting next to me, her face covered in oatmeal and banana, trying to give me kisses, ha ha. Messy messy! But that's ok. I wouldn't pass up these kisses for anything. If it gets too messy, I can just go take another shower.... :o